Why Choose Cagetix.com



There are literally thousands of fighters in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, however only a fraction are making a considerable income from their fights. Many athletes simultaneously work full time jobs while training for an upcoming bout, and many more rely on sponsorship or outside income sources just to be able to afford to continue the high cost of training.

The majority of events in America also rely on fighters to draw a fan base to watch them compete. Tickets are sold on a cash only basis, and many fighters are not able to show their fanbase until the night of the fight when thier crowd cheers the loudest. Fighters that draw the best are generally welcomed onto future cards based upon their ability to sell tickets.

However fighters need to focus on training and not the hassle of hustling tickets, and most events do not have the ability to accept anything but a cash payment from their fans (often a hassle as well). This is where Cagetix.com bridges the gap.

Cagetix.com is the first group sales service in the World to focus specifically on Mixed Martial Arts, and the athletes who put it all on the line. By allowing consumers to target a specific athlete in a promotion, and awarding that athlete with a percentage of that ticket sale, you are able to put money directly into the pocket of the fighter that you have come to see! This, coupled with the ease of purchasing your ticket at home, and the security of trusted online processing, allow a victory both inside and outside of the cage.